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Project ID:00074590Description:KGZ (Energy) - JP: Energy to R
Kyrgyzstan One Fund
Start Date *: 22 Mar 2010
End Date*: 30 Dec 2014
Country: Kyrgyzstan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project objective: The objective of this project is to accelerate sustainable small hydropower (SHP) electricity generation in Kyrgyzstan. This, in turn, is expected to generate global benefits of almost 250,000 tons of CO2 over the same period and almost 113,000 tons CO2/yr thereafter in avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The project will do this by introducing a competitive private power framework to supply the grid with SHP-generated electricity at market-determined prices, assist the Government in closing private sector funded SHP investments.

In 2011, the project has been operating based on the following UN/UNDP project documents’ provisions: UNDAF Outcome A.2: Poor and vulnerable groups have increased and more equitable access to quality basic social services and benefits, in a strengthened pro-poor policy environment

Country Programme Outcome: Sustainable development principles integrated into poverty reduction policies and programmes

Project Document Outputs:

  1. Streamlined and comprehensive market-oriented energy policy and legal/regulatory framework for small hydropower development
  2. Capacity available within DSMP to evaluate the economic and financial viability of small hydropower projects and within the Ministry’s RE Unit to monitor and enforce regulations related to SHP
  3. Capacity available to assess hydrological resources, design, evaluate and implement projects, and provide maintenance and repair services
  4. Full feasibility and technical design studies for 5 small hydropower sites followed by construction of power stations
  5. Outreach programme and dissemination of project experience/best practices/lessons learned for replication throughout the country
  6. Supply of reliable energy to rural first aid stations

DAO Supply of reliable energy to rural first aid stations Project subcomponent has the following outputs developed in the participatory way by UNDP, UNV, UNIDO, WHO and national partners:

Output 1. Support provided for reliable energy supply of rural first aid stations in 7 oblasts of Kyrgyzstan (Responsible: UNDP, UNV, UNIDO, WHO)

  • Increased technical assistance (UNDP,UNIDO)
  • Increased local capacities (UNDP,UNIDO,WHO)
  • Increased awareness of renewable energy sources through functional demonstration (UNDP,UNIDO,WHO)
  • Increased access to microfinance, enabling people to promote and implement renewable energy technologies (UNDP,UNIDO)
  • Improve environmental protection, by safeguarding the local environmental resources (UNDP)
  • Improve access to quality medical services especially for women and children (WHO).


Output 1. Support provided for reliable energy supply of rural first aid stations in 7 oblast of Kyrgyzstan (Responsible: UNDP, UNV)[1]

Main activities:

-       Conducted work on the preparation of a typical micro hydro installation project for rural FASs;

-       Conducted work on the mobilization of local communities and local authorities to carry out construction work;

-       Specified and identified additional pilot FASs to install renewable energy equipment;

-       Monitoring of suppliers and prices of construction materials for rural FASs.

Main achievements:

-       Memorandum has been signed with Local governance body on cooperation and conducting construction works;

-       Identified more pilot FASs;

-       Developed proposals for tendering of construction materials.

Implementation constraints:

Delay in DAO funds transfer has hindered the overall project implementation.

Key partnerships:

Partnership with the national stakeholders – Ministry of Health, State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry and 7 Local Self Governance Bodies has been strengthened.

Good working contacts have been established on the field level in pilot areas in all 7 Provinces (village Leshkoz, Jeti-Oguz Rural district; village Karakungyi, Kochkor Rural district; village Kashkaldak, Nookat Rural district; village Tashtak, Aksy Rural district; village Maidan, Kadmjai Rural district; village Kok-Sai, Kara-Burin  Rural district; village Nijnya Serafimovka, Alamedin Rural district;) with local government and parliament, community members. However, after the new election campaign all local leadership has changed and new ties should be created.

Cooperation has been strengthened with UNDP Poverty Reduction, Democratic Governance and Disaster Risks Management Programmes.



[1] UNIDO and WHO have not undertaken any activities in 2011 due to late transfer of DAO funds.

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