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Tools for » PBF/IRF-35 Immediate Response for protection and peacebuilding in Southern Kordofan/ Nuba Mountain State
Project ID:00078561Description:PBF/IRF-35 Protection/Peacebui
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 9 May 2011
PBF Immediate Response
End Date*: 31 Dec 2014
Country: Sudan Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNHCR - UN High Commissioner for Refug

Project Description:

The project will utilize Protection- and durable solutions-oriented interventions as a catalyst for addressing critical conflict threat factors that are fuelled by entrenched mistrust and support communities to safeguard their basic and sole means of survival and livelihood (farming and herding) through:

Promoting conflict-sensitive natural resource management notably through the dispensing of water sources along the migratory routes.

Securing safe passage of repatriating lOP's traveling to and through Southern Kordofan which is a major transit zone for return to the South

A pilot scheme to strengthen food security and provide sustainable livelihoods, laying the groundwork for longer-term engagement in these areas.

Support the Ministry of Social Development, State lead agency for Protection to establish foundations for monitoring and assessing the status of distribution patterns for basic services, security, justice, etc. in areas of lOP return.


PBF Priority Area and PBF Outcome:


Promote peaceful coexistence and non-violent conflict resolution.

PBF Outcome no. 5: national reconciliation processes that promote culture of inclusion and peaceful resolution of processes are strengthened and the most urgent human rights legacies of the conflict addressed, including responsible media.

PBF Outcome no.7: Exercising of fundamental human rights by general public improved to redress enduring practices of political and economic exclusion, eg.

Through support to institutional human rights mechanisms, safeguard and oversight arrangements for the promotion of fundamental human rights.



Revitalize the economy and immediate peace dividends (pilot project)

PBF Outcome no. 10: early revitalization of the economy, eg, through promotion of partnerships with private sector to develop micro enterprises and youth employment schemes; revitalizing agricultural sector, technical support to design more inclusive and sustainable policies for the management of natural resources, etc.

PBF Outcome no.11: Communities affected by conflict are protected and reintegrated in the communities, including internally displaced people, refugees and victims of gender based violence; peace dividends generate general confidence in the peace building process.


Key Project Activities:

Conflict-sensitive natural resource management, food security and livelihoods activities have been identified by communities as risk factors that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency, notably to mitigate threats to the survival means farmers' and herders' during the dry season and along migration routes. They flow from peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives and represent concrete steps needed to manage the risk of conflict. The principal component of the project involves employing tried and tested high impact interventions Food for Work assistance modalities to harvest rainwater with immediate results. A second component is a pilot initiative under WFP's Innovative Programmes (Warehouse Receipt System) whose goal is to connect farmers to market, laying foundations for engagement in the engagement under the auspices of the priority plan for the Peacebuilding & Recovery Facility (PRF). A third component concerns building of the State Ministry of Social Development, which is chair of the Protection sector and of local media to conduct constructive advocacy on protection matters.

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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Sudan or the lead agency for the programme.

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