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Counter Piracy Trust Fund
Start Date *: 18 Jul 2013
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End Date*: 30 Jun 2016
Country: Somalia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNODC - UN Office for Drug and Crime

Vocational training for prisoner rehabilitation and at-risk youth in Somalia

According to the Secretary-General's report on piracy off the coast of Somalia (5/2012/783). 2012 saw a sharp decline in pirate attacks as well as hijackings off the coast of Somalia as compared to 2011. While this is a testament to the collective efforts of the international community in its fight against maritime piracy, these gains have been termed "fragile and easily reversible". Indeed, the underlying causes of piracy in that count ry, including instability, crime, and a lack of legitimate economic opportunity, remain and until they are addressed, the threat of piracy will persist.

The Working Group 4 of the Contact Group on Piracy off Coast of Somalia in their March 2013 meeting underlined job creation and vocational training as important in the new context of returning to peace in Somalia and as a necessary adjunct to counter-piracy messaging and advocacy.

In the Secretary General's report on piracy (S/2012/783), it was also noted that efforts to create livelihood opportunities onshore should be intensified. In line with that suggestion, the present project aims to contribute to the sustainable solution piracy in Somalia through building basic skills in and enhancing the legitimate income-generating potential of vulnerable Somali youth and detainees.

The proposed project will offer three-month vocational training programmes in which participants will gain transferable skills in one trade field (carpentry, motor mechanics, masonry or electrical and electronic work), basic competency in literacy and numeracy and knowledge of public health. Initial investments will be made into improving infrastructure of the training facilities in Bosasso and Berbera and each graduate from the training programme will receive the basic tools necessary to carry out his or her trade. In the first year of programming, training will be provided to 120 detainees and 120 at-risk youth, reducing the risk of recidivism and the draw of illicit activity while simultaneously investing in the legitimate livelihoods of those individuals and to the development of the Somali economy as a whole.

To ensure that prison staff is also provided with an opportunity to improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills, weekly classes will be offered to them at the established training facilities.

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