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Tools for » PBF/IRF-73: Women and Youth engagement in Yemen’s political transition (Yemen)
Project ID:00087974Description:PBF/IRF-73:Women and Youth eng
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 25 Oct 2013
PBF Immediate Response
End Date*: 31 Dec 2014
Country: Yemen Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project Description:

The project provides women and youth participants in the National Dialogue (ND) with the space and tools to strengthen their engagement in the political transition by articulating common strategies and messages, access expertise from similar transitions, and liaise with their constituencies in a manner that solidifies their legitimacy and their impact during the remaining period of the ND, constitutional process and elections.


PBF Outcome:

Promote coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict.


Key Project Activities:

  • Agenda / programme of formal relevant thematic discussions developed and rolled out in consultation with women and youth activists.
  • 2 workshops with women and youth from NDC members and outside along with participants of youth, women and civil society organizations to identify the needs and to determine the outputs relevant to the NDC and the constitution-making process under a common work plan and the assistance of UN experts (joint women and youth).
  • Establish a steering committee between the Women and Youth Forum and civil society organizations.
  • Series of joint meetings between women and youth from inside and outside the NDC to formulate a common ground for a work programme that is related to NDC outcomes and with the assistance of local and international experts. Agree on an approach for communicating common positions to NDC and constitution-making process.
  • Meeting with civil society organizations to discuss the suggestions for the constitution-making process (joint women and youth).
  • Workshop for participants from all governorates and independent sectors to discuss positions for the Constitution to address, facilitated by constitutional law experts.
  • Hold formal meetings between Forum representatives, Constitution Drafting Commission and, if necessary, the NDC Consensus Committee.
  • The relevant networks of NGOs/CSOs are identified and provided assistance to adequately incorporate and advance interests of women and youth.
  • Technical advice, training and other capacity development support provided to selected networks of NGOs/CSOs to strengthen their ability to effectively mobilize and communicate women and youth voices and concerns (including via data collection) and present these effectively to the youth and women’s caucuses in the NDC and in the Constitution Drafting Commission.
  • Two surveys (data collection) in ten governorates to support prioritizing issues for the post-NDC phase and the constitution-making process.
  • Set up public information through a number of focus group discussions, targeting women and youth, on specific aspects of the new Constitution.
  • Capacity building of NGO partners on conducting surveys and on communication skills such as establishing communication strategies, conducting public information campaigns, writing messages and establishing advocacy plan.
  • Provide technical support in communication skills and strategy in order to carry out polling and set up a mechanism to outreach to women and youth.
  • 1 workshop with NGOs from different governorates to raise awareness about the content of the new draft Constitution and identify field priorities for implementation for NGO network.
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