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Tools for » Engaging Youth in Fiji and Vanuatu in Organic Farming and Menus: A Farm to Table Value Chain Approach
Project ID:00096913Description:SDG-F JP Fiji and Vanuatu
SDG Fund
Start Date *: 4 Jan 2016
Joint Programmes
End Date*: 30 Apr 2018
Country: Fiji Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

The date indicated in the header is the date of the project preparation grant after the steering committee approval of the concept note, but before the actual official approval of the project document. The official start date as reflected on the project document is: 1 November 2015.


The Joint Programme has the following objectives:

  • Create employment opportunities for youth in organic agriculture through a value chain approach and public private partnerships within the key economic sectors of agriculture and tourism.
  • Share information and knowledge from Samoa across the Pacific region to facilitate synergies that will increase employment opportunities for youth within organic agriculture value chains


To achieve the above objectives, the JP will focus on:


a) Promotions of linkages in the tourism and agriculture productive sectors seems to offer the best opportunities for inclusive economic growth in several PICs that will help create economic opportunities; build resilience in rural communities; and improve sustainable development in both sectors. Though agriculture remains for most PICs population the main source of livelihood, its contribution to economic value added chain has generally declined over the last decade, whereas the tourism sector has seen significant growth.  Reinforcing linkages and developing synergies between tourism and agriculture should help to achieve the objectives of sustained and equitable growth.


b) Investing in organic agriculture could increase PICs food self-reliance and therefore, contribute to reducing the trend of dependency on food imports, as well as improving nutrition. Worldwide, organic agriculture is growing and the increasing consumer demand for organic commodities provides a viable opportunity for PICs farmers and processors to benefit from this growing international market. Traditional farming practices in Fiji and Vanuatu are very much in line with organic agriculture practices and many communities still have agriculture systems based on “age-old” practices. These methods ensure environmental integrity and for this products to be exportable as “organic” they have to be certified. Organic agriculture provides important opportunities for PICs to export to niche markets a number of high-value, low volume crops, allowing them to enhance economic sustainability.


c) Innovative and South-South Cooperation: A South-South Cooperation approach will be a component of the JP implementation.  The programme will benefit from the global perspective of UN agencies, and access to best practices and lessons learned available through UN networks.


d) Partnerships: The JP will combine the different strengths and technical capacities of the UN agencies in Fiji and Vanuatu to deliver as ‘One-UN’. Partnering UN agencies will include UNDP and IFAD.


The JP will be implemented in close collaboration with the line ministries of the Fiji and Vanuatu governments. The partnership approach to the programme delivery will be completed with the addition of substantial local expertise from selected well-established civil society and private sector organisations.



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