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Tools for » Sustaining Peace and improving social cohesion through the promotion of rural employment opportunities for youth in conflict-prone areas (Linked to PBF project#113990)
Project ID:00114507Description:Sustaining Peace and improving
Liberia Multi-Partner Trust Fd
Start Date *: 1 Mar 2019
3 Sustaining the Peace
End Date*: 31 Aug 2021
Country: Liberia Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

To sustain peace, this project will tackle two interlinked root causes of grievances and conflict in Liberia, namely insufficient participation of youth in local dispute resolution and lack of youth employment and livelihood opportunities. 

To address the issues related to youth, gender and conflict in Liberia, this project will provide conflict resolution training to women and youth champions in the conflict prone communities and districts of Bong and Lofa counties. The resolution of land disputes is one of the major arenas of local, bottom-up peacebuilding in Liberia. The government, the Land Authority and major international partners to enhance Liberians’ access to justice – and land have increasingly explored alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Sufficient participation of youth and women’s organizations in the mechanisms are vital for an inclusive and sustainable resolution of disputes and the representation of marginalized interests. The trainings to youth will include lessons on cultural tolerance and promoting dialogue, as well as need to reduce violence and realize improved social cohesion. The overall aim of this capacity-building component is to strengthen the role of youth and women as active drivers of peace and resilience. 

Linked to their greater access in land-related and economic decision-making, it is imperative to address the socio-economic needs of youth, particularly young women. The economic instability is likely to negatively impact on employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The 2017 mapping of opportunities for the consolidation of peace in Liberia emphasized the need to for an enabling environment including through technical and vocational capacity building, entrepreneurship skills and income-generating activities. As such, this project seeks to create decent farm and non-farm jobs for women and youth at risk of being marginalized and disadvantaged in these conflict-prone areas and; 

To foster entrepreneurial skills development among youth and women in the selected counties, ILO tools for entrepreneurship training and cooperative development 23 will be adapted to the local context and existing institutions/organizations will be capacitated to deliver respective training to youth and women farmers in the target counties. Demand driven skills development will enhance employability and support self-employment as well as the transition of young people into the labor market. Training in the areas such as conflict resolution and problem solving can increase the contribution of employment to preventing conflict and sustaining peace. Business development services, such as access to finance, infrastructure, technology and networks, will be provided to add value to existing products and grow businesses. Making access to certain services conditional on the participation in training on conflict mitigation can further strengthen the link between business development and peacebuilding efforts. Supporting the establishment and management of agricultural cooperatives among youth farmers will help to sustain support networks, reduce risk, enhance productivity, strengthen access to credit and markets and improve social and economic wellbeing. Cooperatives are jointly owned enterprises that can address socioeconomic inequalities, reduce vulnerabilities, rebuild communities and strengthen resilience. These self-help enterprises have stood the test of time in delivering a range of social services while adapting themselves to diverse contexts and reaching even the poorest communities.  

This intervention is placed as a foundation stone for the UNCT-Government of Liberia continued partnership in support to the promotion of youth employment, food security and nutrition. The Government is committed to implement this project in the two selected counties Bong and Lofa as part of its own strategy to promote peace and at the same time the Pro-Poor agenda. In this vein, the project will provide technical and logistical support to consolidate the fragile peace through the strengthening of existing peace building structures and selected value chains to create decent jobs for the vulnerable youthful beneficiaries.  

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