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Tools for » PBF/IRF-339: Promoting Women’s Safety and Security for Sustainable Peace in Southern Sierra Leone
Project ID:00119354Description:PBF/IRF-339: Promoting Women’s
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 19 Dec 2019
PBF Immediate Response
End Date*: 18 Jun 2021
Country: Sierra Leone Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   Caritas Bo - Caritas Bo

The project is timely as it resonates with country priorities on combating SGBV in response to the presidential 'Speech Act,' a declaration of a public emergency on SGBV as a result of the increasing human security risks resulting from the acts of sexual violence countrywide. The Project seeks to contribute to transformative structural change fostering sustainable peaceful co-existence of men, women, boys and girls through a gender transformative approach leveraging on zero tolerance in rural communities on the use of sex as a weapon and psychological tool for torture. It focuses on conflict prevention and in particular prevention of sexual and gender based violence, which has continued unabated, almost 2 decades after the end of civil conflict in the country. The proposed actions in the project will have a catalytic effect on the wider national violence prevention measures; its advocacy drivers will increase women's call to action, influence policy environment aimed at security and institutional peace architecture to stimulate social, cultural and structural changes. Addressing SGBV through the 3 women-led community based organisations at the grassroots level is expected to result in strengthening their capacities to intervene in the prevention of violence, which will have a cascading impact on building confidence in target women and girls and men and boys to serve as local agents for peacebuilding and conflict prevention, in the wider communities beyond the reach of the project. Working with men and boys as targets for SGBV preventions activities and supporting them to serve as advocates for gender equality in their localities, is expected to reduce the risks of further harm and violence towards the women and girls targeted by the project. Intergenerational dialogue, Peer support and solidarity building and conflict resolution strategies deployed in the project will contribute to changing negative norms that sanction unequal relations between men and women and between the elderly and the young, thereby promoting cohesive communities. 

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