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Project ID:00125488Description:UNEP - PAGE Workplan (ODA)
Partnership Act. on Green Econ
Start Date *: 12 Jan 2021
UN Agency Workplans
End Date*: 31 Dec 2023
Country: United Nations Project Status: On Going
  Participating Organization:   UNEP - United Nations Environment Pro

PAGE from the ODA project.

The following outputs and activities describe how UNEP will contribute to the Results Framework of


Activities under 2020-2021 Workplan (Part IV for 2020-2021 work plan)

Outcome 1 Countries have reinforced and integrated inclusive green economy (IGE) goals and targets into SDG-aligned national economic and development planning through multi-stakeholder collaboration 

Output 1.1 - IGE diagnostics, assessments, and policy analysis undertaken



Support the cross-sectoral COVID-19 policy analysis led by UNIDO by providing key information on green fiscal policy and the alignment with NDC targets of Morocco, and provide key inputs for policy recommendations in these areas

Outcome 2 Countries are implementing evidence-based sectoral and thematic reforms in line with national IGE priorities

Output 2.2 - Advisory support integrated into the design and advancement of sectoral and/or thematic policies, strategies, and plans



Conduct a needs assessment that will analyse the needs for government support by green finance stakeholders and will then inform the PAGE Green recovery workstream on the development of the enabling environment (regulatory and policy framework) for scaling up green finance.1 (revision to allocation from 8th and 12th request of disbursement, funds from 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 country workplans for Ghana carried over to 2020-2021 workplan)


Activities under Additional Support for Green Recovery - Workplan 2021-2022

Outcome 1 Countries have reinforced and integrated inclusive green economy (IGE) goals and targets into SDG-aligned national economic and development planning through multi-stakeholder collaboration

Output 1.1 - IGE diagnostics, assessments, and policy analysis undertaken



Conduct a green fiscal policy assessment to analyze the current fiscal network and identify potential areas of improvement, in alignment with the National Sustainable Development Strategy (SNDD)


Cross-country support provided at global level: PAGE Economic Policy Advisory Group

Mobilize a senior economist from UNEP to chair the PAGE Economic Policy Advisory Group, and contribute substantively to the work of the Group and provide targeted support on economics to selected PAGE countries


Outcome 3 Individual, institutional and planning capacities for IGE action strengthened at the national and global level

Output 3.1 – Capacity development support delivered to national institutions



Support the UNITAR-led training workshops on green finance and fiscal reform by providing technical information on priority areas for the development of training materials according to national counterpart needs and identifying and coordinating the participation of beneficiaries from national partners primarily working with UNEP.


Outcome 4 National and regional stakeholders, including green economy champions, decision practitioners and youth representatives, access and apply knowledge fordecisionmakers, advancing IGE.

Output 4.1 - IGE knowledge products generated and shared through North-South-South collaboration


Global: Global Recovery Observatory

Maintain the current GRO database and explore innovative linkages to green fiscal policy design, improving its methodology and updating the analysis report quarterly; Draft PAGE country case studies, incorporating ILO inputs on green jobs assessment and UNIDO's inputs on private sector


Global: Global Recovery Observatory

Explore the potential for a report focusing on natural capital investments in COVID-19 spending to date. Together with GO4SDGS and GFON, create knowledge exchange and dialogue opportunities on green fiscal policy opportunities and challenges for greening recoveries in 2-3 selected PAGE countries for senior policymakers

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