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Tools for » PBF/NPL/B-1: Programme of Support for Children and Adolescents Formerly Associated with the Maoist Army in Nepal (UNPFN/A-4)
Project ID:00071691Description:PBF/NPL/B-1 Children Formerly
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 20 Mar 2009
Security -W2
End Date*: 31 Mar 2010
Country: Nepal Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

Project Description:

Although the conflict in Nepal is over and elections have successfully taken place, many critical matters remain unresolved and, despite a peace treaty, the ramifications of the conflict on children and young people continue to cause distress. Obligations towards children contained in the peace agreement remain partly unfulfilled: particularly, the failure to formally discharge 2,973 combatants who were verified to have been underage at the time of recruitment. This programme of support for children and adolescents formerly associated with the Maoist Army is designed to make a contribution to rebuilding these young people’s futures. In addition, by offering children and young people a stake in the peace process, this programme will also make a significant contribution to the consolidation of peace and stability in Nepal.


Development Goal:

UNDAF Outcome A: National institutions, processes and initiatives to consolidate peace are strengthened

Immediate Objective:

Ensure a successful discharge process for those verified as minors during verification of Maoist Army personnel, and provide them with assistance for their successful socio-economic reintegration.


Outputs and Key Activities:

  • Disqualified minors are successfully discharged from cantonments in line with established global standards.
  • Disqualified minors are provided with community-based reintegration opportunities.


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If you have questions about this programme you may wish to contact the RC office in Nepal or the lead agency for the programme.

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