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Project ID:00073340Description:LRF-25 M&E Team for the LRF
Lebanon Recovery Fund
Start Date *: 17 Dec 2009
Lebanon Recovery Fund
End Date*: 31 Dec 2020
Country: Lebanon Project Status: Operationally Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Project Summary:

 The proposal to establish an M&E Team was made on the basis of enhancing the efficiency, preventing unnecessary expenditures and avoiding project delays. It is expected to address these issues by expanding overall oversight management.

 Specifically, it is expected to enhance the LRF monitoring mechanism, currently being carried out by PAG representatives, by incorporating the aforementioned activities into a more coherent and efficient framework. This framework will consist of:

  1. An increased frequency of field trips and monitoring meetings;
  2. Closer and more technical follow ups on project implementation and financial activities;
  3. A continuous evaluation and objective re-assessment of project achievements against pre-set targets;
  4. A support system to meet timely completion with the objective of raising the effectiveness of projects and ensure cost-efficiency in their implementation, and
  5. A support system to examine the final evaluation of the projects implemented under the LRF.

Effective oversight of a project is time-enhancing and cost-efficient to both donors and beneficiaries. Hence the expected benefits of employing an M&E team will be extensive, reaching across all parties engaged with the LRF projects.

Since the M&E team will oversee all aspects of the project activities, Project Managers are supported in achieving their pre-set deadlines in a timely manner. This will be advantageous to the benefactors since it will prevent the postponement of the project’s objectives. Furthermore, any revisions made in the outstanding projects-such as a no cost time extension, a budget re-evaluation or change in scope- will be effectively assessed and evaluated by the M&E team and hence, improve the cost-efficiency and decision making outcomes of those projects by the PAG team and LRF committee.

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