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Tools for » PBF/NPL/D-3 Building Peace in Nepal: Ensuring a participatory and secure transition
Project ID:00085963Description:PBF/NPL/D-3 Building Peace in
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 16 Mar 2013
Youth Empower/Employ-W2
End Date*: 30 Dec 2015
Country: Nepal Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   Multiple

Project Description:

Project’s Peace-building Impact Nepal's complex post-conflict transition is facilitated by fostering inclusive collaboration among a broad range of leaders, as well as improving public security at the community level.

While the CPA set forth a progressive agenda to address grievances and promote inclusion, the political landscape, characterised by struggles for power and positioning, has made achieving consensus on key peace process issues extremely challenging. The institutions and mechanisms established to defuse tensions at national and local levels remain weak and local armed violence is rising. Moreover, opportunities for citizens to influence decisions that affect their peace, security and safety concerns are limited, and the voices of women and vulnerable groups remain especially excluded.

Project strategy:

The project objective is to facilitate Nepal's complex post-conflict transition by fostering inclusive collaboration among a broad range of leaders, and improving community security. To achieve this, the project will strengthen national capacity on collaborative leadership and dialogue across government, political party and civil society sectors at national and local levels, and support its application to reach consensus-based decisions on critical issues. It will also reduce armed and gender-based violence and improve community security through building trust, dialogue and collaboration between communities and security providers and strengthening security agencies’ knowledge, skills and tools on community security. It will also empower women and vulnerable groups to lead and play active roles in peacebuilding, security and development processes and enhance national capacity to deliver National Action Plan commitments on UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820.

Project Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Disputes resolved, conflicts managed, shared agendas implemented, and social cohesion enhanced through governmental, political and civil society actors applying dialogue, mediation and conflict transformation.

Outcome 2: Community security enhanced in districts most at risk of violence through building trust and confidence between the police, local government and communities.

Outcome 3: Relevant national and local level government mechanisms explicitly address women’s rights, protection, and participation in post conflict situations.


Direct beneficiaries include approximately: 400 government officials; 200 political leaders; 1,200 community leaders and mobilizers; 150 CSOs including women’s organizations working nationally and security providers in 6 districts across 3 regions working. Communities, particularly women and vulnerable groups (conflict-affected people, young women and girls, marginalized groups, etc) in target locations will benefit from improved participation in decision-making and peacebuilding processes and better public security.

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