Nepal Devt. Framework MPTF 

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Multiple natural hazards like earthquakes, floods, landslides and fires are a major source of risk in Nepal. Although disasters with the most severe humanitarian implications get addressed through emergency response preparedness plans closely aligned with government efforts, gaps remain. The United Nations, uniquely positioned in Nepal, assists stakeholders in reframing and expanding national and local disaster management protocols and systems, enhancing coordination, sharing information, ramping up data collection and analysis, and boosting humanitarian efforts vis-à-vis context sensitive disaster responses. 

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The work of the Nepal Devt. Framework MPTF are possible thanks to the generous contributions by public and private sector partners

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The work of the Nepal Devt. Framework MPTF is possible thanks to the efforts of . These resources are pooled and channelled to participating organizations to promote joint action and multi-stakeholder partnerships, making a difference on the ground.

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