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Tools for » PBF/NPL/D-2 Reintegration and Rehabilitation of Children Affected by Armed Conflict
Project ID:00085967Description:PBF/NPL/D-2 Reintegration and
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 16 Mar 2013
Youth Empower/Employ-W2
End Date*: 15 Dec 2015
Country: Nepal Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

Project Description:

This project is intended to support government’s implementation of the National Plan of Action for Reintegration and Rehabilitation of Children Affected by Armed Conflict (NPA - CAAC). The focus of the project will be to enhance the capacity of relevant government and non-government actors and eventually contribute toward the strengthening of overall child protection systems to provide dividends to the community as a whole, through building on structures, mechanisms and capacities established in a conflict/post-conflict context, to address a broader range of child protection issues.

 PBF Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Strengthened capacity of government and non-government agencies to provide holistic social reintegration support to children affected by conflict.

Outcome 2: Strengthened capacity of government and non-government agencies, to respond to protection concerns of children affected by conflict, through the child protection system approach, providing dividends to the community as a whole.

 Major activities within the project will include:

  • Support the development of NPA implementation guideline and reintegration packages based on international standards and guidelines;
  • Capacitate service providers for delivery of quality livelihood trainings and facilitate linkages with labor market;
  • Support relevant government agencies to develop and standardize tools and procedures for identification and response to reintegration needs of children affected by armed conflict with special consideration to gender and inclusion needs;
  • Provide technical assistance to relevant agencies to engage young people in community based peace building and social activities, to promote positive values and social harmony;
  • Support development of child sensitive processes and procedures to ensure children’s participation in Transitional Justice process;
  • Support the implementation of Schools as Zones of Peace (SZOP) guideline for a secure, non-violent, non-discriminatory environment in schools  and stop misuse of schools and children for political purposes;
  • Technical assistance to enhance government child protection system to prevent and respond to protection rights of children affected by armed conflict and other vulnerable children in the community;
  • Capacitate relevant government agencies for deinstitutionalization of CAAC in residential care (child care homes), with support for family reunion or placement in other, non- institutional, alternative care arrangements (kinship, foster care, etc.).

 The structures and functions of the child protection system to be supported by this project will be mainstreamed into the regular government systems. Financial sustainability is expected to be gradually achieved through the development of district, village and municipality child protection plans to be incorporated within local government plans in the framework of decentralization and local self-governance, and co-funded by local and national government resources, external development partners, non-governmental organisations and the private sector. The Project is therefore expected to strengthen existing structures and mechanisms so that conflict-affected as well as other children in need of care and protection will be served beyond its lifetime. The project intends to contribute to peace-building by reducing vulnerabilities which were among the root causes of the decade-long conflict.

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