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Tools for » PBF/LBR/A-12: Support to Constitution Review Process in Liberia
Project ID:00088041Description:PBF/LBR/A-12: Support to Const
Peacebuilding Fund
Start Date *: 31 Oct 2013
Democratic Governance -W2
End Date*: 31 Dec 2016
Country: Liberia Project Status: Financially Closed
  Participating Organization:   UNDP - UNDP(MDTF/PUNO only).

Project Description:

This project is to support an inclusive and participatory constitutional reform process in Liberia. Constitutional reform provides a unique opportunity for advancing reconciliation, political dialogue, peace consolidation and towards achieving consensus on underlying issues and the nature of the state best suited for Liberia.

Key Project Activities:

i)      Direct (and embedded) technical support to the CRC in building a secretariat, designing operational tools and procedures and training staff on such tasks as reporting, organizing and managing meetings, workshops, note-taking, record keeping, archiving and general office management;

ii)    Design and roll-out of an inclusive and transparent civic education and public consultation process by the CRC’

iii)  Design and roll-out of stakeholder consultations aimed at promoting national dialogue, peace-building, reconciliation, and political transformation throughout the constitutional review process key groups include: political parties, the legislature, traditional leaders, etc.

iv)  Establishment of partnerships and liaison with key entities supporting the review process such as Law Reform Commission (LRC); the Governance Commission (GC), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), among others; where applicable, identifying specialized technical expertise to support the CRC in accelerating the process;

v)   Mounting of analytical work on contextual issues (e.g., political, social, economic) that might impact the constitutional review process  as well as strategies to address these issues; Working with and through citizen groups, civil society, the media, youth and women groups, and building their capacity in developing a shared understanding of the constitution-making process and their capacity to engage in constructive dialogue on the constitutional review. 




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