Moldova Toward Unity in Action 

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The Towards Unity in Action fund is an expression of the collective determination in Moldova to address national development challenges and meet international human rights commitments. Greater unity across stakeholders helps to accelerate progress on a variety of issues that include democratic governance, justice, equality and human rights. As such, stakeholders are able to leverage tools, approaches and reforms that create space for the establishment of efficient and sustainable administrative frameworks, improved institutional performance, and strengthened rule of law and human rights protection mechanisms.

Cutting across all programme action is the promotion and protection of human rights, gender equality, and non-discrimination. Particular attention is paid to marginalized and vulnerable groups, and financing is articulated through context-specific thematic windows, making it possible for stakeholders to flexibly expand established projects and incorporate additional thematic windows according to levels of interest.

Fund operations were extended until the end of December 2021 due to setbacks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The work of the Moldova Toward Unity in Action are possible thanks to the generous contributions by public and private sector partners

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The work of the Moldova Toward Unity in Action is possible thanks to the efforts of . These resources are pooled and channelled to participating organizations to promote joint action and multi-stakeholder partnerships, making a difference on the ground.

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