Conflict Transformation in BARMM 

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Leveraging the United Nations Socio-economic and Peacebuilding Framework for COVID-19 Recovery (2020-2023) alongside national and regional development plans is how stakeholders of the Conflict Transformation in BARMM, in the Philippines, counter the deceleration of socio-economic growth, weakened social cohesion, and upticks in violence in Bangsamoro. Transformation is sought by strengthening community resilience and social cohesion in high-risk areas and forging lasting peace dividends.

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The work of the Conflict Transformation in BARMM are possible thanks to the generous contributions by public and private sector partners

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The work of the Conflict Transformation in BARMM is possible thanks to the efforts of . These resources are pooled and channelled to participating organizations to promote joint action and multi-stakeholder partnerships, making a difference on the ground.

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