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The Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Prevention Multi-Partner Trust Fund (CRSV-MPTF) is a pooled fund that enhances accountability and response efforts towards preventing sexual violence in conflict settings by bringing attention to existing gaps and under-financed areas.

Fund scope

 Building on the success of UN Action and Spotlight, the Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Prevention Multi-Partner Trust Fund (CRSV-MPTF) works to improve accountability and prevention responses for conflict-specific sexual violence. By bringing attention to existing gaps and under-financed areas this pooled fund consolidates efforts in addressing the causes of sexual violence in conflict settings and launching appropriate responses that result in lasting outcomes.

 Although anyone can experience sexual violence, responses are centered around women and girls as they tend to be most affected. Programmatic efforts concentrate on the contextual causes and drivers of sexual violence in conflict, which include:

 Structural gender-based inequalities and harmful social norms that lead to an increase in sexual violence during conflict.

  • Little or no access to public or legal services for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Partisan justice institutions that undermine public confidence or perpetuate instability.
  • Weak coordination between United Nations organizations when supporting prevention and protection practices in conflict and post-conflict countries.

 Theory of change and strategic framework

 By addressing some of the underlying factors that lead to, or perpetuate, conflict-related sexual violence, CRSV-MPTF stakeholders can help reduce its prevalence. The overarching goal is to prevent sexual violence in conflict settings and meet the needs of survivors by increasing public, private, and government accountability in providing necessary services, frameworks, and paths for restitution.

Supported initiatives will be designed on three specific outcomes:

 Cooperation and coordination: Strengthen international, regional and national cooperation and coordination to address conflict-related sexual violence.

  1. Leadership and advocacy: Improve strategic leadership and advocacy at the international, regional and national levels to address causes and consequences of conflict-related sexual violence.
  2. Capacity building: Boost national and regional capacities and technical expertise to address judicial and institutional accountability for conflict-related sexual violence.

 Three windows have been established under the fund and cover UN Action, the Team of Experts, and Office of the SRSG-SVC. Primary areas of focus are to convert cultures of impunity to cultures of deterrence, address structural gender-based inequality in times of war and peace, and foster national ownership and leadership for sustainable, survivor-centred responses that empower civil society organizations and women’s rights defenders.

 Each window has its own oversight and decision-making body.

 Funding streams

 Contributors to the CRSV-MPTF include national governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, and the private sector.

 A pass-through fund management modality is used to redirect contributions to participating organizations.

Governance structure

  1. Steering Committee

Chaired by the SRSG-SVC and comprised of representatives from participating United Nations organizations, the Steering Committee provides strategic, programmatic, planning, and implementation advice to enhance Fund coordination and oversight.

  1.  CRSV-MPTF Secretariat

The UN Action Secretariat supports the work of the Steering Committee, participating United Nations organizations, and the Administrative Agent. The Secretariat will also oversee the UN Action.

  1.  Administrative Agent

The Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) Office acts as the Administrative Agent of this pooled fund.  The Administrative Agent provides support and administrative services to participating organizations on behalf of the CRSV-MPTF, using a pass-through modality. Provided they meet the fiduciary and organizational requirements outlined in the memorandum of understanding and Terms of Reference, United Nations organizations can apply their own procedures.

Recent Documents

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Key Figures
Funding Status
Participating Organizations are required to submit final year-end expenditures by April 30 in the following year; Interim expenditure figures are submitted on a voluntary basis and therefore current year figures are not final until the year-end expenditures have been submitted.
Total as of
Values in US$
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Funds with Administrative Agent
Contributions from Donors 16,941,116  
Interest and Investment Income (from Fund) 95,042  
Interest (from Participating Organizations) 0  
Total source of funds   17,036,158
Transferred to Participating Organizations 12,818,965  
Refunds from Participating Organizations 0  
Administrative Agent Fee 169,411  
Direct Cost 0  
Bank Charges 333  
Total use of funds   12,988,710
Balance with Administrative Agent   4,047,449
As a percentage of deposits   23.9%
Funds with Participating Organizations
Transfers to Participation Organizations 12,818,965  
Total resources   12,818,965
Participating Organizations' Expenditure 5,454,562  
Refunds from Participating Organizations 0  
Total expenses     5,454,562
Balance with Participating Organizations   7,364,403
As a percentage of transfers   57.4%
Total Balance of Funds   11,411,852
As a percentage of deposits   67.4%
Delivery Analysis
Report by
All amounts in US$
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Report by All amounts in US$ Excel Print

For Programmatic Issues

For UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict

Ms. Bernadette Sene, UN Action Coordinator, UN Action Secretariat, Tel : +1 917 367 6365, Email:

Ms. Fareen Walji, Associate Programmes Officer for Partnerships, UN Action Secretariat, Tel: +1 917 367 1524, Email:


For the UN Team of Experts on the Rule of Law and Sexual Violence in Conflict

Mr. Toby Bonini, Deputy Team Leader, United Nations Team of Experts on the Rule of Law and Sexual Violence in Conflict, Tel: +1 212 906 5226, Email

For Fund Administrative Agent Issues

Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office), Bureau for Management Services, United Nations Development Programme; Fax: +1 212 906 6990:  

Ms. Jennifer Topping, Executive Coordinator, Email:

Ms. Mari Matsumoto, Senior Portfolio Manager, Tel: +1 212 906 5735,

Ms. Graciana Argiro, Portfolio Associate, Tel: , Email: 

Mr. Aamir Maqsood Khan, Finance Specialist, Tel: +1 212 906 6259, Email:

Ms. Jacqueline Carbajal, Finance Associate, Tel: +1 212 906 6613, Email:


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