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Project ID:00086995Description:SUN 02/GLO/012 “Civil Society"
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Start Date *: 24 Jun 2013
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End Date*: 30 Sep 2016
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Mobilizing Civil Society In Support of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement

Implementing Partner:

Save the Children UK on behalf of the Civil Society Steering Group and wider CSO network of the SUN

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33 months –January 2013- September 2015  

MPTF support

US$ 535.000

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Dr Claire Blanchard at :  and



The Civil Society Network of the SUN is responsible for encouraging effective engagement from civil society in the SUN process at national and global level. Six Task Forces formed the original structure within the emerging Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement, including Task Force C on Civil Society (TFC). TFC was responsible for strengthening civil society engagement in the SUN movement as part of efforts to reduce the under-nutrition of children at national level and has supported the evolution or formation of civil society networks in specific early riser countries since March 2011.

As new governance arrangements were established to guide the SUN movement, including the formation of a new Leaders Group in summer 2012, the TFC set in train the process of transition from a Task Force to a representative and accountable global SUN Civil Society Network. With the civil society governance process that was finalized in November 2012, SUN CS network counts with a governance structure, including a Steering Group, a chair and an institution serving as Secretariat of the wider CS platform: Save the Children UK has been chosen to act as Secretariat to the Global Civil Society Network. SUN CSO network is today expected to contribute to the original goal of mobilising Civil Society in support of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement at country and global levels.


The proposal seeks to sustain public, political and financial commitment and action to tackle undernutrition in selected SUN countries. 

The proposal seeks to support civil society in SUN countries achieve 3 major changes (see also the schematics on theory of change below) at the national (and global) level in order provide the enabling environment for the scaling up of nutrition related policy and programmes.  These are:

1) Nutrition is recognised as a national priority supported by adequately financed national and sub-national multi-sectoral nutrition plans adopted by national governments. Civil society is engaged constructive multi-stakeholder dialogue raising public awareness of undernutrition and contributing to nutrition being identified as a national priority and being understood to be one of the main issues for which government's track record will be judged. Civil society action will sustain pressure on governments to allocate adequate funds to support national nutrition plans

2) Multi-stakeholder constructive dialogue on SUN at national level informs nutrition governance, policy and financing while contributing to monitoring nutrition interventions: through the establishment of accountable multi-stakeholder platforms at the national level, civil society will be recognised as a credible interlocutor by the government and other key stakeholders. As a result, nutrition governance and government accountability will be strengthened and systems and approaches to track nutrition related expenditure and increased expenditure on nutrition over time will be established.

3) Effective CSO alliances on nutrition are established to advocate for SUN at national level. Through the formation of inclusive and sustainable partnerships, civil society will be better positioned to raise the profile of nutrition and hold governments to account.


The proposal seeks to

(a)   build on existing or facilitate the creation of new Civil Society movements in support of the SUN activities at the national and (if appropriate) regional levels. It aims to promote civil society leadership / leaders and ownership at the country level for the SUN process and activities.

(b)   promote alliances between the members of the Civil Society Network (CSN) the other SUN networks and external organisations including 1000 days to ensure coherence and unity in achieving the SUN activities. This will be done by establishing a global secretariat.

(c)   help the CSN Steering Group articulate with the country Civil Society Alliances/Platforms and advocate on their behalf at the global level if and when appropriate. The secretariat will help.

These outcomes will be achieved by tasking the Secretariat to perform the following: 

  • The secretariat will capture and disseminate lessons learned on civil society engagement in nutrition and from initiatives in other sectors both past and present enabling civil society efforts in SUN to be efficient and effective.
  • The secretariat will work not only with MPTF-funded Civil Society Alliances (CSAs) but also with civil society in countries with an unfunded CSA or without a CSA altogether.
  • The Secretariat will help civil society apply for MPTF funding and will seek to resource country level networks with technical assistance on advocacy strategy, produce resources which can be used by country level networks, facilitate the exchange of learning between civil society in different SUN countries and coordinate linkages between national regional and global advocacy towards multilateral institutions.
  • The Secretariat will support civil society in holding nutrition actors accountable on service delivery and quality.
  • The secretariat will set up information sharing mechanisms such as regular calls, Google groups and a CSO blog. Where possible the secretariat will leverage existing global meetings to bring civil society representatives from different SUN countries together economically.
  • The secretariat will seek to support nutrition sensitive approaches by engaging farmers’ networks – both by having key advocates at key moments, and by actively conducting research and building relationships with farmers’ networks.
  • The secretariat will also build the capacity of the country Civil Society Alliances/Platforms by funding consultancies to fill gaps identified by the Alliances/Platforms – particularly in advocacy and public policy.
  • The Secretariat will help the CSO Steering Group hold regular exchanges with wider CSO membership and CSO national alliances
  • The Secretariat will support CSO Steering Group finalize a strategy to serve the CSO SUN membership and link it to other SUN networks and to overall objectives of the SUN Movement    

The support of the SUN secretariat is requested to ensure that communications protocols are aligned with the SUN strategy and branding.

CSN members will contribute staff time, and will align communication strategies and activities to fit with the objectives of the proposal. Save the Children UK, as secretariat for the Civil Society Network, will contribute approx. USD$100,000 to fulfill the objectives of the proposal. Save the Children’s contribution will be frontloaded so as to meet the costs of running the initial activities of Civil Society Network, including a global gathering in Washington DC in June 2013.

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