Sustainable Development Goals Fund 

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The Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG-F) was a multi-donor and multi-agency development cooperation mechanism created in 2014 to support sustainable development activities through integrated and multi-dimensional joint programmes. Stakeholders built on the experience, knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices of the Millennium Development Goals while expanding action to encompass sustainable development and the importance of public-private partnerships.

The SDG-F operated at the country level through joint programmes implemented by the United Nations in collaboration with national counterparts and relevant stakeholders. Joint actions were localized and aligned with national priorities and SDG principles.Gender and women’s empowerment was a cross-cutting priority in all areas.

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The work of the Sustainable Development Goals Fund are possible thanks to the generous contributions by public and private sector partners

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The work of the Sustainable Development Goals Fund is possible thanks to the efforts of . These resources are pooled and channelled to participating organizations to promote joint action and multi-stakeholder partnerships, making a difference on the ground.

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